You can tell everyone this is your song

You can tell everyone this is your song

Vanessa Stoykov

The words of the Elton John classic, “Your Song”, are firmly in my mind as we prepare to share with you the trailer for our latest show.

Because, “this one’s for you.”

For 24 years I have loved being part of the financial services industry and for the past 18, I have devoted my business to telling its stories, all with the aim of helping you, the end investor.

And this one, I can honestly say, is beautiful. For the first time, we have a celebrity, Blair McDonough of Big Brother and Neighbours, experience the industry and appreciate it as much as I do.

He has spent meaningful time with incredibly talented fund managers, and has benefited from the wisdom of an experienced financial adviser.

And he has started to understand the role quality research plays in generating returns.

Before Blair was invited to participate in our program, he was spending his time renovating properties, to live in and as investments. With a young family and a need for cash flow, Blair truly believed property flipping was his only option to provide the life he wanted for his family.

But after learning from our industry’s finest, his horizons expanded, and his family’s lives were changed forever for the better. That’s the power of truly engaging with this industry.

To show this transformation in six episodes has been both a challenge and a pleasure to create. Making commercial television is time consuming, expensive and resource heavy. When you watch our credits on the program, take note of all the people it took to put this incredible project together.

The education experience stemming from this program is now also being translated individual educational tools and lessons for those of you who want to start learning from the industry the way Blair has.

To have this program on a major network like Channel 9 is the icing on the cake. It is so hard for our industry to find a relevant voice in mainstream Australia – where the focus of so many is divided between numerous topical issues. Access to information like this is something people deserve, and we stay committed to reaching as many people as possible with the message of our industry.

We will constantly push the boundaries of what communications can do to reach people, move them and motivate them to act. The next 20 years for Australians are crucial. We need to work as hard as we can to reach as many people as we can with the message of investment, as, due to the huge upcoming intergenerational wealth transfer and our ageing population, we will see a very different, less prosperous Australia for our children if we fail.

So I call on to you please spread the word on watching the show. Share the educational content on social, and watch Blair’s transformation slowly take shape as he [Learns from the Money Masters].

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