Why AIA is getting personal

Why AIA is getting personal

Vanessa Stoykov

I am extremely proud of the work we have been doing with AIA Insurance around the stories of their claimants. Nothing brings to life the power of insurance like seeing its purpose in action.
This is one of many stories AIA has engaged us to create to help show just why insurance is so important.

The story of Andrew is a common one. An injury at work prevented him from physical labour, but what it also did was create a situation where is his ability to be a first-time father was also compromised.

When Pina Sciaronne explains that his income protection actually helped him claim back his self-esteem and establish dignity, she reminded me that the power of insurance is very personal, and very human.

Australia is a critically underinsured nation – and the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude of many sees people in absolutely dire circumstances. However, I do believe that if people can understand the personal impact that having insurance can have in their lives, they will be more likely to take on the cost – because the risk of not having it becomes too high.

My whole career has been about storytelling for the finance industry. I strongly believe the story needs to be continually told in a number of ways for people to really connect with advice, investing and insurance.

AIA was our first insurance partner to join the Collective and their belief in education done differently is an opportunity to get more Australians protected.

More stories to come – I welcome your feedback,

Until the next story

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