Why 3 minutes invested today might pay off tomorrow

Why 3 minutes invested today might pay off tomorrow

Vanessa Stoykov

When will you decide to take control of your financial future?

Most of us know that nagging feeling you get when someone reminds you of those important, yet “far-off” life-decisions you are yet to meaningfully address. These decisions take time and energy, but don’t have a set deadline like so many other things in our daily lives. They are important, yet due to their non-urgent nature are often pushed to the back burner.

Determining your long-term financial goals is one example of this. While there is a need to pay the school fees or the electricity bill, thinking about the best way to manage your long-term wealth plan is not exactly the fire you need to put out!

If you are a financial adviser, this story is all too common.

I firmly believe that whether or not someone has an adviser, everyone needs to take control by developing some understanding of wealth creation and investing. You don’t need to become a self-directed investor. You simply need to have the ability to understand the investment decisions that are either being made, or will need to be made in the future.

With knowledge comes power. Everybody has heard that old adage before, but it is doubly true of investing. The funny thing about investing is that there are a small minority of people who truly understand it, and they alone enjoy the benefits!

Whether you are a financial adviser with clients looking to learn, or someone who has decided to expand your knowledge base, I urge you to read our investment series blog. This will give you an understanding of how professional money managers think, and the rigour that goes into building investment products.

We created this outlet for people who are short on time, but are eager to learn, and want to be entertained in the process. If you are looking for long, dry explanations and thick whitepapers, this is not the place! If we can’t tell you something important in three-minutes, we have failed in our mission.

In an online world where everything happens in real time, the job of all educators is to say it fast and make it fun. Otherwise, there will be no more students to teach!

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