While the world is going to hell

While the world is going to hell

Vanessa Stoykov

It’s been a very strange week in Australia – almost surreal as we hear things like “catastrophic fire warnings” and literally the worst weather predictions on fires that we have ever had in the Sydney region.

Living in the Blue Mountains, it almost seems when, not if, fire will happen. But for those in regular suburbs of Sydney, the danger is equally real.

This has naturally created a lot of anger about the state of our climate – and our government’s apparent inability to do much about it. Its making us angry and, worst of all, afraid. Afraid for our futures, and especially for our children’s futures.

In times like these, I have found myself feeling like the future is in a grim state. Like when the GFC happened, and all the media reported that the world was pretty much coming to an end. It’s easy to fall into a shared feeling that there’s not much to look forward to. That the “good old days” are gone forever. That the world we live in has more horrors to fear than good.

As I was whipping myself into a panic this week about fire danger, and taking our kids out of schools which were closed due to the warnings, I got to do something that reminded me that all is not dark. While the world definitely has challenges, it’s also an amazing place. We took the kids to Sea Life, and I spent time looking through the watery world of some of the most incredible and unusual creatures that live in the sea.

There was everything from emperor penguins to fish you couldn’t dream into existence. And it reminded me of what a curious and amazing world this is. It also reinforced that sometimes you have to take yourself out of environments when you are feeling overwhelmed, and put yourself into an entirely different mindset.

That’s a mindset where you appreciate the beauty of things. And enjoy being part of something bigger than an economy or a community – but rather part of humanity – with all its wonder and fragility.

While this may seem a little “zen” compared to my usual posts, it’s a reminder to look up and see beyond the troubles we seem to be faced with every day. Whether it’s the challenging business environment, or a world where work seems all encompassing. Remember to take yourself somewhere where you can still see the magic of the world. It certainly makes it easier to deal with the challenges ahead.

The silver lining is definitely there to be found.

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