What’s your money set point?

What’s your money set point?

Vanessa Stoykov

Something I have learned about money over 22 years of running a business, is that money usually delivers to the ‘set point” you ask it to. What do I mean by that? Well, usually business owners have a number in their head that they need their business to deliver on to stay afloat – the ‘just enough’ number. And, time and again, that number is achieved. Nothing more, but not less.

It is as true in your personal life as it is in business. If you know how much you need to earn every week or every month to pay your bills, most of us can find it. And if we can’t, we use credit cards, or fall behind on bills, which creates a whole other set of problems to deal with in the future.

So I encourage you to start thinking – what is your set point? What is the number you have in your head that you know you cannot fall below? Everybody is different. Some people may be happy to put bills on credit cards, but not to have a debt collector chasing. Others may have a set point that means every bill is paid on time, but there is nothing left for savings. Whatever it is that you are used to operating at, think about it, and then start to think about what would happen if you changed it.

When my business was very new, I knew I had to raise $12,000  a month to pay all my staff, my rent, and still earn enough to pay myself. That number was my focus and my obsession. Every decision I made was about chasing that $12,000 per month. Just when I was getting desperate that I wasn’t going to be able to achieve it, a big client who had been talking to me for many months decided to start their retainer service – and the number was, you guessed it, $12,000 per month.

That is just one of hundreds of examples I could share with you over the past 22 years in business around my set point, my focus on achieving it, and the exact amount of money coming that I needed. Enough, but never more than enough. It was only when I started focussing on changing my set points, and on the ‘overflow’ of money, not just enough, that the concept of profit really started to change for me.

So whether you run your own business, are freelancing, or are employed, start giving thought to your set point. At what number are you comfortable that you have enough? When you know that, start thinking about what it would be like if you had more than that. What could you do with it? Save more? Invest? Buy a home? Go on a holiday?

The thought of attracting more than enough money in your life is not a bad thing. Despite what you might have been taught growing up, it is not greedy to want more, and usually people with more than enough can do more good in the world with the money they have. So, imagine the possibilities, and start looking for opportunities to bring more than enough money into your life. It is funny, once you notice your set point, and want to change it,  you usually find ways to make it happen.


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