What do past bear markets teach us about investing today?

What do past bear markets teach us about investing today?

Orbis Investments

As an investor, a bear market can seem frightening. But looking at the past can give us better perspective on the present.

With COVID-19 triggering some of the toughest economic conditions seen in years, it’s clear there’s a lot of fear in the market.

This has resulted in sell-offs – from those who need to liquidate their investments to meet short term needs, and those who were, in Orbis Investments’ words, “aggressively positioned for perpetually good times.”

But what does this mean for the future? What are the likely outcomes of current market conditions – and how can past examples of bear markets inform investor decision-making now?

If you read this Orbis Investments article, you will learn:

  • the effects of COVID-19 on businesses and investments
  • why it’s important to think long-term when investing
  • which companies are best-positioned to navigate this crisis

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