We’ve rebranded

With the launch of our new show, the Investment Series has been renamed the Secrets of the Money Masters (SOMM).

Representing one of the the most significant consumer engagement and financial education efforts in Australia, SOMM is a television series following five major Australian sports celebrities – Madison de Rozario, Jude Bolton, Kyah Simon, Bernard Foley and Michael Klim – as they work through their financial game plan. Along their journey, they’re assisted by a financial adviser and a Money Master selected from some of the world’s top investment managers and insurers.

The financial issues facing each celebrity reflect some of the most common challenges everyday Australians face, including saving up to buy a property, preparing for retirement and managing one’s bills and debts while transitioning into a new career. In each case, they’ll work with their adviser to develop a long-term financial plan with access to world-class investment strategies.

Through media partnerships, SOMM will be distributed via multiple channels, including Channel 9 – premiering tomorrow at 12pm – along with domain.com, Morningstar and the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Re-branding the Investment Series reflects our commitment to delivering you even more financial education content than ever before, in partnership with some of the world’s leading figures in the business. The next wave of Australian wealth is here – are you ready?

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