Do this to get the life you want

Do this to get the life you want

Vanessa Stoykov

Everybody wants to live life their way. It’s part of being in a democracy, and also part of our human nature to want individual choices. But one thing I find is that many people don’t get to live the life they want, not because they don’t earn enough, or aren’t smart enough, it’s because they fail to understand the concept of life design, and how matching your financial plan to your life plan is the only way to get the life you want. 

The word life design is not new – and the influx of people who are now life coaches as well as financial coaches show that more and more people are understanding that getting the life you want is about being intentional – not drifting, and letting things happen to you, but rather driving forward to a destination that you know you want. 

COVID has reminded us all that life is uncertain – then anything can happen to change the way we live. And while you may design a life that has to change when something like a pandemic happens, if you are intentional with what you want, and can start to have a money plan that gets you there, then you are sure to have more certainty around your outcomes.

So what do you value? What do you dream of? Private schools for your kids? The house of your dreams? Travel ? Starting your own business? A family? Think about the goals you have for the kind of life you want to lead, and then look at current (this year) 2 year, 3 and 5 out – what would life look like then? Would you save enough to pay cash for the car you have always wanted? Can you travel to that place you keep dreaming about with your partner? Think about those special milestones, write them down and then remind yourself why you are saving, or paying down debt, paying more in super or investing. Because those financial markers are indicators that you are going to get the life you want. And who doesn’t want that? 

So be intentional with your life. Be specific with what you want to experience and have, and then know that you can get them – it is just a matter of time and focus. And if you don’t  know how to plan your money to the life you design, then it is probably time to see a financial planner – this is what they do for a living. 

I’m often reminded we only get one life. Make yours beautiful.

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