Three ways to find joy and thrive in a pandemic world

Three ways to find joy and thrive in a pandemic world

Vanessa Stoykov

Yes, we have all heard it before – it’s tough, the economic reality will keep getting tougher and most of us are accepting that working from home could be the new normal into the future.

With so much change in such a short space of time, it’s easy to become lost in anxiety and find it harder to enjoy life as we once did. Which is why it’s important to adopt new habits and techniques to get back the joy in your life and decrease anxiety – whether it’s about money, your future, health or relationships.

While different things work for different people, here are three things I have found to be effective at bringing back the joy in everyday life, and help make the new normal feel good.

  1. Order your groceries online, every week in advance. I do this now and it’s a revelation. Not only does it stop any worries about contracting the virus but it also saves valuable dollars. I am finding I am spending between $50 to $100 less every week on food shopping because I am ordering intentionally and not picking up random things I see at the supermarket. It’s a double win and brings me joy!
  2. If you are home a lot, identify the little things that bring you a lot of joy, and keep them stocked. For example, I love a good bath, but it’s also where I get my best work ideas. I order bath bombs from Lush every month, and buy a new candle a month to really create an environment of luxury and relaxation.While it’s not a huge spend, it is a luxury, and I would much rather have these little treats than spend money randomly on coffees and things that don’t create moments for me to stop and relax. Figure out the little things you are into and invest in them. Create moments on a regular basis for you at home.
  3. Spend 10 minutes every day scrolling through your contact list on your phone, and send texts to people you know and care about. It won’t take long, but sending out these positive intentions feels great, and it’s also good to see the responses. It creates a lot of joy for people to know they are being thought of, and it feels good to spread joy, and receive it. Share the love!

While not all of these are about money, they are about investing in yourself, relieving anxiety and sending out love to people you know. All three are great ways to help you create new habits and find joy in our changing world.

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