Three things to look forward to

Three things to look forward to

Vanessa Stoykov

As we head into December, pretty much everyone, including me, is running at an incredible pace. Work, family, kids’ events and now Christmas functions – it seems like there is no rest from constant ‘go’. It’s tiring and at the end of what has been a very big year.

So, today, I’m writing about all the things that everyone has to look forward to as we head into the Christmas season. Because sometimes the only thing that helps get you through everything you have to do is to look forward to something different. So here are three things we all have to look forward to.

  1. A time to rest. While it might be busy up until Christmas Day, the great thing about being Australian is our love of having January off. Whether you have a week or a month, don’t forget that everybody, no matter how fit or capable, needs to rest both their body and their mind.Take the chance to have afternoon naps. Sit at a park and read a book. Or pretend to watch a movie with you kids and take a cat nap! Whatever you do, rest is essential to recharge for the big year that will be 2020.
  2. Reconnect with your family. It seems like everyone works on different schedules these days. For kids, sports will be on a hiatus, and no school, so you can reconnect and spend quality time. For your broader family, Christmas is a time to catch up and reconnect.I’ve heard a lot of people saying they are not buying presents anymore (except for their kids of course) but rather donating to a charity in their loved ones’ names. I love this idea – it’s easy to shop for (online giving!) and its doing good for the world. A real win/win.
  3. Get inspired again. Sometimes when we are working so hard and getting lost in the day to day, coping with the workload is the absolute best you can do. Use the upcoming break to read things you haven’t had time to, watch documentaries, and recharge your creative juices.Being exposed to different influences outside the norm can be great to help tick over new ideas and even better ways to solve challenges you may be faced with. Investing in yourself by learning in a non-pressure way is a great way to recharge your mind.

As we draw to a close, I thank you for all those who have supported us along the way. We are excited about 2020, and equally excited about having a break. And for now, as Dory says in finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming.”

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