This could happen to you

This could happen to you

Vanessa Stoykov

Today I had a dear friend tell me she had cancer. Pretty bad cancer. She is my age, and a mum, and is incredibly vibrant, healthy and positive.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I am absolutely gutted. Because this happening to someone I know so well, who has so much in common with me, it is incredibly personal.

How was she going to prepare her kids for the challenges ahead? How is her husband going to cope? What if she does not respond to treatment? What will happen if she dies?

Nobody wants to think about these things, but today I have been forced to. And I have two choices.

I can choose to let this news bring me low and wallow in sorrow. This is a massive tragedy. Or, I can think positively an choose to strengthen my resolve in our mission.

We truly believe financial advisers are transformation people. Good financial advice can set you up and end sleepless nights. But equally as important, as I realise again today, is the work advisers do on protecting people when life tragedies happen.

We have the pleasure of telling stories of claimants with progressive insurance company AIA.

These stories are always sad, and you really can see the difference good insurance has made.

However, none of these people are friends. To see the different first hand insurance can make to people when their lives are turned upside down is entirely different, and totally personal. The business AIA is in is incredibly important and personal.

I can’t stop thinking about my friend – and how money will be a huge pressure point now, as her husband will need to focus on her, not his business, and all the amazing duties she does for her kids and household will now either go on hold, or be done by someone else.

So I am more determined than ever to provide advisers with the right tools, stories and learning so they can go about reaching more Australians. It’s another reason to love what advisers do, and an important motivation to help advisers succeed. When you say Australia has an under insurance problem, it’s very clinical and impersonal. Knowing someone going through a massive health challenge changes this issue into something very real, very important and most ignored.

So if you think financial advisers are not for you, think again. The advice they give can change lives.

Forget about the negative press and keep reflecting on how important it is for you to protect yourself and your family. If you don’t have adequate insurance cover that deals with issues like cancer then seek some advice from someone who is an expert in this area. Don’t leave it to chance.

Because life happens, whether we want it to or not.

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