The work continues

The work continues

Vanessa Stoykov

With our series wrapping up over the weekend, it’s more than satisfying to know we reached well over 3 million people through their television sets or online. The message to Australians via our celebrity investor Blair McDonough was twofold: that a property strategy is not enough, and that a long-term financial plan is essential in achieving the financial and life outcomes you want.

While the show has been more than effective in demonstrating these important facts, the work for us certainly doesn’t end there. The need to prepare for the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in our history, and to teach Aussies the skills they will need to make the most of their financial futures is ongoing. In fact, we have set ourselves a 20-year campaign period to communicate these important messages.

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Ever since I saw the numbers generated by Dr. Mark Brimble and his team at Griffith University, that up to 80 per cent of Gen X might fall short of a comfortable retirement, I knew, more than ever, that the work we are doing with the industry is essential. For you see, it’s my friends, my family and my generation, that is going to be affected. It’s made it personal. As I read in one of Oprah’s Masterclass quotes, “I have been burdened with glorious purpose.” Helping to save Generation X from this fate is mine.

Advisers need to be showcased and their stories need to be told more than ever before. Quality investing needs to be explained in new and interesting ways so that you can engage. The industry needs to push harder the boundaries of what it can say, and how it says it. Our response from the program on digital was even bigger than last year: well over 2.5 million people chose to engage in this topic in some way via our multiple digital channels. We want to do more in the space to bring you on the journey.

With this in mind, I am extremely proud to announce that our Collective has continued the conversation, sharing their own unique perspectives. Starting this week, we feature leaders from top investing houses, talking about the challenges and opportunities that the intergenerational wealth transfer will bring to all Australians, and how they view what’s ahead for us all.

I will also have my first book released early next year with publisher Wiley. It will be an entirely new approach to teaching you about money, by using fiction to teach fact. As a storyteller and communicator, I see the need to constantly experiment with new approaches. We have not cracked the one way people learn, most likely because there isn’t just one way. With so much at stake, and so many people to reach, I am more committed than ever to pushing boundaries in communicating to get this important message out there.

As always, I am eternally grateful for the support and commitment of our Collective and Education Partners. Without them we never could reach millions of Australians. I am also grateful for the time and expertise given to us by our Faculty of financial advisers, who produce content that is both engaging and original, and is a key part of why more Australians will understand just why they need financial advice.

Enjoy the Reinvention series being released now with our Collective. We are keen to hear your thoughts on this important topic too so please contribute via our twitter page or on facebook so your voice is heard.

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