The future of investing

The future of investing

Julie Lander

You don’t see your super until you finish working so it’s easy to forget that it’s your money — a quiet achiever, steadily growing to pay for your future lifestyle.

But have you ever thought about the role super plays in your day-to-day life? We invest your money in technologies that are shaping new ways of living.

Both in companies here and overseas that are pioneering enhancements in robotics, environmental sustainability and health. Intrigued? Let us explain…

Pizza-making robots are real

From making pizza to disaster-zone recovery, robotic technology is on the rise.

Until recently, the idea of using robotics for surgery seemed liked nothing more than science fiction. But for companies like Intuitive Surgical Inc., it’s commonplace.

Intuitive Surgical is leading the way in ‘robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery’. A mouthful? Yes, but in short, this new technology means patients can heal faster and have less downtime following a surgery.

Investing in brands that invest in our future

It’s no secret that humans play a huge role in creating climate change. But companies like Tesla and Mitsubishi are actively attempting to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of renewables-based technology.

These companies are making it possible for you to install solar panels on your house and commute in your electric car — while cutting your carbon footprint.

Your computer might know you better than your friends do

If you’ve ever taken a flight, asked your Samsung smartphone for directions or had Netflix suggest a TV show for you, then you’ve interacted with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is becoming more widespread, automating everyday tasks and simplifying our daily lives. Letting AI handle some of our life admin is great, but what’s next?

Maybe one day you’ll take a trip in your self-driving car while a virtual doctor performs a consult en route.

While the possibilities are endless, there’s every chance our future could include flying cars, virtual personal trainers and trips into space… Time to start planning how to use that extra time.


CareSuper currently invests in the companies mentioned, plus other innovative and exciting ones. Learn more about how we invest your super at


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