Tell your money story

Tell your money story

Vanessa Stoykov

First of all, let me say that the latest series we are launching, Secrets of the Money Masters, is perhaps my favourite. Why? Because the people in it are not celebrities. Rather, they are everyday Australians: people just like you and me who just last year had one plan about life, and now, since COVID-19, are having to entirely review their money plans and their lives.

Nothing makes things more real than when something is happening to other people you can really relate to. It is like when somebody gets cancer that you know and love. It all of a sudden becomes personal.

And this is no different. The money stories in this show will no doubt be relatable to so many of us. We are all living through this global pandemic, after all. And the people featured in this series are really tackling problems that many of us universally face – housing, retirement, paying for kids and divorce.

It all feels tough and unknown at the moment, and I took comfort in the fact that there are many options on how to move forward, no matter what challenges you are facing. Sometimes it just means doing the work upfront about what you want, working out how to reverse-engineer your current money plan into your new one.

So, enjoy this new series and meet the people featuring in it who represent so many of us. We intend to continue following their stories and bringing you plenty of new ones.

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