Allan Gray Australia

At Allan Gray, our investment philosophy is simple – we take a contrarian approach, apply it consistently and invest for the long term. We search for value in places others overlook or undervalue. Then we determine the things that drive the company’s performance and hence its value over the next five or even ten years. This is how we’ve been investing in Australia for the past 12 years and globally for over 40 years. Allan Gray Australia was established in 2005.  In 2018 we launched our Superannuation, Investments and Retirement solutions. Allan Gray in Australia and globally remain privately owned and share the same investment philosophy.


Allan Gray
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Allan Gray’s Products

Allan Gray Australia Stable Fund

The Stable Fund is a more conservative investment that aims to outperform cash and boost your returns by blending cash with selected shares.
Outperforming cash without significantly increasing risk is the goal of many investors. The Stable Fund aims to answer this need.

Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund Class A

The Equity Fund is an actively managed, contrarian fund that gives you the opportunity to outperform the market over the long term by investing in select Australian shares.
Like many funds the Equity Fund aims to be fully exposed to the Australian sharemarket, but our investment strategy is very different to most. That’s what gives us our edge and the potential to outperform over the long term.