AMP Capital

AMP Capital is a global investment manager with a large presence in Australia. As part of the AMP Group, we share a heritage that spans almost 170 years. We have more than 250 investment professionals in 18 locations around the world, working together to share the latest insights and discover the best possible investment opportunities for our clients.


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AMP Capital’s Products

AMP Capital Wholesale Australian Property Fund

Adding quality commercial properties to your portfolio is a great way to diversify and seek to receive regular income but you usually need to be a large institutional investor to do so. With the AMP Capital Wholesale Australian Property Fund, you can invest in a diversified portfolio of quality Australian office, retail and industrial properties. The Fund aims to provide stable returns, made up primarily of income with some long-term capital growth. It targets assets which have high occupancy rates and stable income streams underpinned by leases to long-term, secure commercial tenants.

AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund

Unlisted infrastructure is generally hard for investors to access due to the large capital outlay required. The AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund removes this barrier by offering investors access to high-quality unlisted infrastructure assets usually only available to large institutional investors. The Fund takes an integrated approach to building a strategically blended portfolio of unlisted infrastructure assets and listed infrastructure securities in Australia and around the globe offering investors a total return of income and capital growth.