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Kate and Tony Orbis Investments
Ep 6 – What is the case for contrarian global…

 Orbis Investments’ Ashley Lynn discusses the dangers inherent to so much Australian wealth being ...

Kate and Tony Orbis Investments
Ep 7 – The contrarian mindset

 Orbis Investments’ Ashley Lynn examines how investors can become more resilient to short-term market

Kate and Tony Orbis Investments
Ep 2 – the big picture: what’s ahead for Kate…

 An expert panel discuss Kate and Tony’s financial situation, their goals and how their ...


Orbis Investments
How does Orbis find opportunities in turbulent markets?

Orbis Investments’ Ben Preston discusses how investment opportunities have evolved since the market crash in ...

Orbis Investments
How has the US election cycle affected healthcare stocks?

When faced with extreme uncertainty, human nature often prompts investors to dramatically shorten their investment ...

Orbis Investments
What kind of jobs is technology putting at risk?

As automation and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, it’s worth considering how this will affect ...

Orbis Investments

Orbis brings Australian investors the expertise of a team of over 60 investment professionals located around the world, allowing clients to benefit from a truly international perspective. Founded in 1989, we have been investing globally for almost 30 years and our long-term results have stood the test of time. At Orbis, we know there’s value in being different. By thinking differently than the crowd and focusing on the long term, we can reap the rewards average investors typically miss out on.


Orbis Global Equity Fund

The Orbis Global Equity Fund aims for higher returns than global stockmarkets. It provides access to Orbis’ contrarian long-term investment approach – unchanged for over 25 years. The Fund delivers better diversity across sectors, geographies and companies than domestic equities, and is actively managed to look very different from the benchmark.

Orbis Global Balanced Fund

The Orbis Global Balanced Fund aims to balance the generation of investment returns and risk of loss with a diversified global portfolio. To do this, the Fund invests in shares of publicly-listed companies, bonds issued by corporations and governments located around the world, and in commodity-linked instruments traded on worldwide exchanges. Designed for investors seeking a contrarian investment style and exposure to global markets, but with reduced appetite for risk.