Loyalty and stability

Anne Anderson is a big believer in loyalty and stability. She practices both in her personal and working life.

“I still have friends from grade one and I have been with UBS for in excess of 20 years,” she says. “Some of the partnerships that UBS have formed with clients are three decades strong. We believe in long-term strategies for your investments.”

Anderson, head of fixed income, Australia, UBS Asset Management, has been with the firm since 1993 rising from the role of senior dealer to her current position.

“Fixed income should be one part of a full investment strategy and for those who are more risk adverse, generally they would hold a higher proportion of their investments in fixed income,” she says. “Overall, you need a holistic investment approach and you should always seek the best advice when it comes to investing your money.

“It is difficult for an individual to keep track of everything that is going on, which is why a professional investment manager should be able to give you the best guidance as to where is the right place to invest your money depending upon your age, your income and your life circumstances.”

This is a mantra Anderson lives by investing some of her own money in actively managed balanced funds which diversify the sources of return.

“You need to take a long-term approaching to investing,” she says. “People who are focused on investing in the short-term lose touch with the main game. You need to appreciate the cycle of the financial markets.”

Anderson’s philosophy of ‘always make the most of where you are’ ensures that when it comes to her clients, she is always seeking to be ahead of financial trends employing a dedicated, experienced team under her, who all recognise the significance of their roles.

“You have to be an active investment manager which means you need to have a strong fundamental framework that includes robust research, understanding both the local and global markets you are investing in and having the right tools in place to ensure you are keeping up – an ahead – of market trends.

“It is very important that both I and the client understand the portfolio, which needs to perform consistently over time, as well as being flexible enough so that if the markets are changing, we can change too.”

Her acute awareness of the money markets and her strong interest in the sector can be traced back to her childhood.

“My father trained as an economics teacher and I shared a keen interest in this area – I was also fortunate to have positive female role models who were active with their children and participating in the workforce and the community,” she says. “I started working when I was 18 and have taken control of my finances from the outset.

“It is imperative all women take a proactive role in their finances and their partners if they are joined in that aspect, because they need to know where their money is invested and how it is performing.”

“We live in a world where we don’t necessarily have continuity in the workplace, therefore we need to be aware of where our money is and how it is performing – this provides for greater flexibility and choice in other areas of your life,” she says.

“Women need to be in charge of their investments and control their financial destiny. It is really important that no matter what their role or their income, they are very aware of how their superannuation is performing and any other investments that they may have.”

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