How to stop money ruling your emotions

How to stop money ruling your emotions

Vanessa Stoykov

Have you ever noticed how you can feel anxious, angry, resentful or afraid when you think about your money situation? When you get a bill that you don’t know when you can pay? When an unexpected cost comes in that blows your budget or financial plans?

Money and emotions are very connected, and when you don’t have control of your money situation overall, things will always come up that create negative emotions and add to your stress levels. 

The only way to manage this flight to negative emotions is to master control over your money. That doesn’t mean you can change your whole financial situation quickly, and stop the stress. What it does mean is that you are prepared for the unexpected, and can deal with bills and life by knowing what position you are in today financially.

To get this control and peace of mind you have to do some work. It is not the most exciting of jobs, but you need to take a look at what your life costs per month to run. There is a great tool for calculating all your expenses on the website.  This will also ask you to put in your quarterly bills like electricity and gas etc, and it aggregates them into a monthly cost. Only when you have a complete picture of your money situation can you start to make clear decisions about taking control of your money and your life. 

Once you know what your true monthly costs are you can start making decisions. Many of us find that we actually spend more than we have coming in, when costs are aggregated monthly. This can be a scary place to be, but allows you to make some decisions. Can you lower your overheads? Can you move? Can you sell a house you cant afford? Can you change your children’s schools? Can you sell something you don’t need to pay off credit? There are dozens of decisions you can make to start the process of controlling your financial world. And this control gives you peace of mind. It stops you being mindlessly anxious around money without having a plan. In short, knowledge is power, and the only way to get knowledge is to do the work and understand what situation you are in.

The other thing you can do to control your emotions around money, is to write your own affirmations around it, and keep them close – either on your wall or your computer – wherever your spend a lot of time. You can include phrases like “ I am in control and at ease with my money” or things like “I have a strong plan around money to improve my life.”

These kind of affirmations will train your brain over time to feel positive emotions around money. In fact, the more you think positively, you will find money is attracted you without even trying – because your energetic vibration is up and you as a person are more positive.

So don’t keep letting yourself stay anxious about money. Take control and start making positive decisions. It will change your life.

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