Good investments aren’t always glamorous

Good investments aren’t always glamorous

Orbis Investments

Is there a case for finding investments that are “boring, overlooked, or even hated”?

When looking for an investment opportunity, it’s easy to be swayed by the kind of companies everyone’s already talking about.

Indeed, in some cases, those companies are popular investment picks for a reason – they’ve delivered shareholders significant returns over time. But how do you tell the difference between an investment whose performance justifies the excitement surrounding it, and one which falters in the face of said excitement?

This Orbis Investments article makes the case that sometimes, the best pick is one where there’s far less room for disappointment. Taking a contrarian approach, it argues for finding companies that might be overlooked amidst all the buzz and gossip.

If you read this Orbis Investments article, you will learn:

  • comparing company valuations to earnings and revenue growth
  • which sectors are performing well in global indices
  • where Orbis is currently finding value in its global equity portfolio

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