Fixed income: no longer the bridesmaid

Fixed income: no longer the bridesmaid

Vanessa Stoykov

We have had the pleasure of working with Anne Anderson from UBS Asset Management a number of times. She has appeared on our TV show and has created lessons for investors with us to give her unique perspective on fixed income and why it’s so important.

I have to admit; fixed income is harder to become engaged with. Stocks are easier to understand, more tangible and less complicated from an investor’s perspective. The world of fixed income always seems that bit more complex, and well, dare I say it, boring.

However, spending time with Anne has taught me a few things. For a start, her ability to see patterns in historical data and company reporting is fascinating. In the TV series we had her examine this in more detail, and you can see the intellect and rigor that Anne puts into thinking about investing in fixed income.

Her outlook video this time gives an explanation on how fixed income could be applied right now in this type of market, and why it’s necessary to have defensive investments such as fixed income in your portfolio.

In a market that has recently experienced volatility and a mixed outlook from investment houses, it is useful to have clear explanations and access to good communicators to help you explain to clients why diversification into assets outside of shares and property is a good idea. I would suggest that Anne Anderson is the perfect teacher, and I urge you to watch her educational videos to find out more.

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