An important message about your investments

An important message about your investments

Vanessa Stoykov

Sometimes in your career you get massive breaks that fast forward what you’re trying to achieve. The support of legendary investor Kerr Neilson of Platinum Asset Management has certainly had that effect for me.

When I showed Kerr our TV show a couple of years ago, and invited him to be a part of it, he wholeheartedly supported our vision of educating people via entertainment-led learning.

With the release of our latest series, Kerr goes to a new level in explaining to our celebrity investor Blair McDonough the concept of global investing, investing in shares, the need to do your own research, and why education beats trust every time.

Find out more about Kerr on his expert page, and access his extended masterclass here for free!

It’s a fascinating discussion that leaves Blair slightly starstruck. He also leaves thinking it’s time for him to read some more, and consider the world as an opportunity for him to make money outside his chosen career paths of acting and renovating properties.

Kerr took great pleasure in explaining technical concepts in both a clear and easy to understand way. For everyday investors, the ability to talk to Kerr is not possible. Seeing annual reports and news articles about great investors is nothing like watching them teach a real person. Kerr is authentic and passionate about his craft, and that passion and enthusiasm is definitely contagious.

As this show goes to air, what gives me great joy are the questions you’re all sending in via our website asking where to learn more about investing, how to assess the right financial adviser, and how to get started on your own reinvention journey by becoming more engaged with your financial future.

It’s fantastic to see you all embrace what owning your financial future can do for you. I know this great industry has the potential to help millions of Australians reach their goals, and the more we use every asset we have, including high profile professional investors like Kerr Neilson, the closer we all get to achieving the financial futures we want.

I am more than grateful for every member of our Collective who have agreed to lend their brilliance and expertise to this incredibly important conversation. It’s a considerable investment of their time and resources. It goes without saying that without their support, this important mission would not be possible.

I will continue to update you on our progress.

All the best,

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