9 reasons a recession shouldn’t spook you

9 reasons a recession shouldn’t spook you

AMP Capital

Talk of a recession in Australia is intensifying, but are things really as bad as they seem?

Not long ago, UNSW Business School professor Richard Holden said figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show “we’ve now entered an effective recession in Australia.”

Since then, there’s been plenty of commentary about what you should do in the event of a recession – sell what you’re holding? Move everything into cash? Is your retirement nest egg safe?

But what if the Australian economy is healthier than we realise? This piece from AMP Capital’s Shane Oliver explores nine reasons why a recession isn’t necessarily an inevitability.

If you read this, you will learn:

  • headwinds facing the Australian economy
  • where there are signs of stability
  • what to expect in the Australian sharemarket

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