Simply put, the Money Masters Portfolio takes the headache out of the sometimes overwhelming investment decisions that might be holding you back from investing for your future.

Working with leading global investment consultant Mercer, a diversified investment portfolio has been created featuring funds from the investment managers represented by the Money Masters from the TV series. The portfolio aims to give you:

  • an easy start – with a minimum investment of $2,000 versus the $20,000-$50,000 you’d normally need to build a similar portfolio
  • a healthy foundation – building the discipline you need for your future with the option of a regular investment plan from just $200 per month
  • fast online experience – with an online application that takes less than a few minutes once you’ve read the relevant documents*

If you know you should be doing more, then the Money Masters Portfolio makes it simple.



  • Read the PDS to learn all you need to know about the Money Masters Portfolio
  • Consider seeking financial advice tailored to your personal circumstances
  • Click ‘Invest Now’ below to complete the simple Online Application and read the terms and conditions and all other documents referred to in the Online Application (it should take you a few minutes to complete)
  • Account set up – once your application is accepted, your account will be set up (usually within a few days) and your nominated bank account will be direct debited for your chosen investment amount
  • You’re invested – your investment amounts are held as a cash investment, earning interest, within the Money Masters Portfolio until they are placed into the diversified investments that make up the Portfolio. This is usually by the 15th or 30th (or next business day) of each month, depending on when you invest. This is done to offer a lower than usual minimum investment amount. Refer to the PDS for more information.
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You can access the frequently asked questions for the Online Application here
You can access the Secure Online Portal operated by OneVue Wealth Services Ltd for the Money Masters Portfolio here

* Before investing you will need to review the product disclosure statement and all terms and conditions and other documents associated with OneVue’s online application. Investing in this portfolio involves risk, and you can lose as well as make money. This product may not be suitable for some investors.  It is recommended that investors seek financial advice tailored to their personal circumstances before investing in any product.

The Money Masters Portfolio is a model portfolio offered by OneVue Wealth Services Ltd ABN 70 120 380 627 as part of the OneVue Managed Account (registered management investment scheme ARSN 112 517 656) and managed by Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited ABN 66 008 612 397 (AFSL 244385)