3 ways to find YOUR life guide

3 ways to find YOUR life guide

Vanessa Stoykov

Who do you go to for wisdom? Whose opinion do you respect over most others? If someone immediately comes to mind, then you may well already be connected to your own life guide. Someone who you can bounce things off, and talk to about what you REALLY want.

For many of us, this person is not so obvious to find. And what exactly is a life guide?

A life guide is someone who can help us shape our opinions and thinking on what we really want from our life. Because this kind of clarity is one of the most valuable, yet personal things you can develop. There is not one way to gain this wisdom and reflection, or one source. All of us are different, and our methods to help shape our life decisions are also very different.

If you haven’t found a life guide yet, its not too late. I have connected with many people, and finding the right person, to give me the right wisdom at the right time, is important. My father, my all time life mentor, died three years ago, which made this subject and the pursuit of life wisdom and perspective even more important for me. I am happy now to share this with you.

You particularly need to find your life guide when things are tough in life, or when you really desire change but can’t see a viable way to move forward. 

  1. Identify your guides

There can, and should be, more than one guide in your life. Stop and think about the people you know, whose company you really value and enjoy. It doesn’t matter how well you know them, if they have made an impact on you, put them on your list. Then try and pair them with parts of your life that you will want to make decisions on – whether it be about relationships, work or other life choices. 

Who matches with what? Can you start to identify your top three people?

  1. Set up the Place and the person

Some people go fishing, others read in front of a fireplace, some go to yoga retreats – there is a state you get in where you feel relaxed. Not caught up in the busyness of everyday life, but in a place that allows you to slow down and tune out. You then need to choose someone to be with you that is a close friend or family member, who really listens to you, and cares about what you think and want. If your guide has a vested interest in what you decide, then it might be harder to be really honest. Pick someone you can relax with,  who won’t judge you. I do a trip to the Hunter Valley every year, to see one of my oldest friends who I met at University. While it may only be once a year, its a valuable check in with someone who has known me for many years, and always gives me a new perspective. She is definitely one of my life guides. 

  1. Find a professional

There are a range of people you could call upon professionally as one of your life guide team. This of course means paying for their advice. So I would use it strategically and for the right situation. You may use a financial coach, or an adviser for financial decisions. You may talk to a psychologist about relationships issues, or you may turn to a life coach to help you share your future. Whatever the person, and the spend you make, just make sure you believe they are a valued member of your team, and help guide you to positive life choices in the right areas. This is important. 

If you are reading this at a time when you feel overwhelmed, or uninspired to make a change, maybe it is time you checked in with yourself and created your plan around life guides. Your choice is to  either get moving and change things, or stay the same and create the same outcomes you have going on now. You are worth investing in. Your life is worth planning intentionally.

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