In this series, a range of everyday Australians explore how they have been financially impacted by the pandemic and partner with some of the world’s leading investment managers and insurers to help them through their individual financial journeys.

Kate and Tony
Property investors
Kate and Greg
Australian share investors
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Orbis Investments
Could the Government fund the SG increase?

Aware Super CMO Peter Chun outlines a way the Government could facilitate a long-overdue increase ...

Orbis Investments
What’s being lost in the debate to scrap super?

The debate as to whether super should be made voluntary has been intensifying, but the ...

Vanessa Stoykov
3 ways to lower your money anxiety

If you were already worried about money before COVID-19, there is a big possibility that ...

Orbis Investments
What kind of jobs is technology putting at risk?

As automation and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, it’s worth considering how this will affect ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Being vulnerable with money is the first step

I’ve been working with the finance industry for over 25 years now. And all the ...

Orbis Investments
How one super fund handled the early release scheme

Stuart Wilkinson, the CTO at Hostplus, explains what was involved when the world changed overnight ...

Orbis Investments
What happens when super members lose their jobs?

Your super fund is designed to invest part of your income in a portfolio that ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Three steps to COVID-proof your finances 

It’s a question I get asked in various guises all the time. Do I know ...

Alex Burke
Looking after your mental health throughout COVID-19

One of the less-documented effects of COVID-19 and all the upheaval it represents – new ...

No More Practice Education
Protecting your super during this crisis

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left many Australians concerned for their health and ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Awake with money worries? Three ways to stop

If you are losing sleep worrying about money, you are not alone. In fact, a ...

UBS Asset Management
How the Government is handling the current crisis

Senator Jane Hume explains how the Morrison Government is responding to an Australian recession, and ...

Orbis Investments
Good investments aren’t always glamorous

Is there a case for finding investments that are “boring, overlooked, or even hated”? When ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Three ways to find joy and thrive in a pandemic…

Yes, we have all heard it before – it’s tough, the economic reality will keep ...

UBS Asset Management
How COVID-19 hit retirement savings across generations

Senator Jane Hume discusses the long-term implications of COVID-19 on Australia’s retirement system – who’s ...

Orbis Investments
Where are the next big opportunities in tech?

With investment conversations dominated by the biggest American tech companies, there’s hidden value to be ...