In this series, a range of everyday Australians explore how they have been financially impacted by the pandemic and partner with some of the world’s leading investment managers and insurers to help them through their individual financial journeys.

Kate and Tony
Events and marketing professionals
Kate and Greg
Stay-at-home Mum & product manager
Professional photographer


Vanessa Stoykov
Two billionaire traits you can adopt

I have worked in and around the money industry for more than 27 years. I ...

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How your past still controls your money

No matter whether you had an idyllic happy childhood, or a less than perfect one, ...

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How to stop money ruling your emotions

Have you ever noticed how you can feel anxious, angry, resentful or afraid when you ...

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What’s your money set point?

Something I have learned about money over 22 years of running a business, is that ...

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How to improve your finances by thinking

When it comes to money, most of us would say we could use more. Or ...

Trailer: Will these celebrities learn the secrets to mastering money?

 5 of Australia’s biggest sporting celebs are going to learn the secrets to achieving ...

Vanessa Stoykov
How to lower your money stress

You don’t have to go far to find people who are stressed about money. In ...

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Think outside the square on money

With the pace of change faster than anything we have seen in our lifetimes, now ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Everyone’s in the same financial boat

This week’s episode of Secrets of the Money Masters shows our panel discussing Kate and ...

Orbis Investments
How does Orbis find opportunities in turbulent markets?

Orbis Investments’ Ben Preston discusses how investment opportunities have evolved since the market crash in ...

Orbis Investments
How has the US election cycle affected healthcare stocks?

When faced with extreme uncertainty, human nature often prompts investors to dramatically shorten their investment ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Tell your money story

First of all, let me say that the latest series we are launching, Secrets of ...

Vanessa Stoykov
Change your money by changing your life

For the past 25 years, I’ve been working in the money industry – telling its ...

Orbis Investments
Could the Government fund the SG increase?

Aware Super CMO Peter Chun outlines a way the Government could facilitate a long-overdue increase ...

Orbis Investments
What’s being lost in the debate to scrap super?

The debate as to whether super should be made voluntary has been intensifying, but the ...

Vanessa Stoykov
3 ways to lower your money anxiety

If you were already worried about money before COVID-19, there is a big possibility that ...